22 Jun 2018

Roppongi Hills Arena to transform into a mini Land Down Under with Australian food and drink on Sun 1 July

Roppongi Hills Arena to transform into a mini Land Down Under with Australian food and drink on Sun 1 July

The Australian Embassy will host ‘Australian Short Film Theatre in Roppongi’, featuring eight surprising, exciting, and ground-breaking Australian short films.

The event will be presented by Australia’s leading and most influential short film festival, Flickerfest, visiting Japan for the first time in its 27 years.

For one day only on Sunday 1 July, the Roppongi Hills Arena will transform into a mini-land down under with an Australian short film, food and drink festival as part of the Australia now program run by the Australian Government.

Films will be shown at Roppongi Hills’ covered outdoor arena on a 300” LED Monitor. The festival will feature food trucks selling Aussie beef and lamb steaks, wine, beer and more from Australia, allowing guests to enjoy an outdoor Australian-style picnic right in the centre of Tokyo.

Flickerfest is Australia’s leading and most influential short film festival, qualified by the Academy® and recognised by the British Academy of Film.

Every year in January, the festival showcases the world’s best films at Bondi Beach in Sydney, where excellent directors and producers are discovered. In Tokyo, guests of all generations will enjoy an outdoor Australian-style picnic with Aussie food, wine, beer, coffee and softdrinks right in the centre of Tokyo.

The event in Roppongi will present the latest works by emerging directors. The films showcase contemporary Australia and feature a variety of figures such as children and members of the First
Australians community. Roppongi Hills’ audiences will sit on artificial lawns, transporting them to Sydney and giving them a taste of the outdoor Australian lifestyle.

The day also features a talk session by Bronwyn Kidd, Flickerfest Festival Director, and Tetsuya Bessho, Festival Founder of Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in June 2018. Mr Bessho is also an Australia now Goodwill Ambassador.

Event overview;

Date: Sun 1 July 2018 Venue opens at noon, event finished at around 6.30pm

Venue: Roppongi Hills Arena (6-10-1, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo). Admission free

Hosted by the Australian Embassy Tokyo, Special support by Flickerfest, Funded by the Australian Government, Australia now partners,

Supported by Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia

Food trucks
Aussie beef and lamb BBQ, wine, beer, Australian Flat White, ice cream and soft drinks

Australia PR corner :Give away Australia now balloons, balloon art, hands-on mining experience and more

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<About Flickerfest>

Flickerfest began as a small local festival at the Balmain High School in 1991. Since then it has grown to become Australia’s leading Academy® accredited in 2013 & BAFTA in 2010 recognised
competitive Australian & International Short Film Festival with 1000’s of entries coming from filmmakers across the globe.

Most films are around ten minutes long. Guests are free to come and go as they relax with their families and friends and enjoy food and drinks.

Because the festival takes place in January during the Australian summer, there are many people who take the opportunity for an outdoor picnic at the event.

<About Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia>

This Japan born, Academy Awards® accredited festival is one of the largest film festivals in Asia.
The festival was started by actor Tetsuya Bessho. The first festival was held in the Harajuku neighbourhood of Tokyo in 1999, and 6 short films made by George Lucas, known best for the
“Star Wars” franchise, when he was a student were screened. The film festival has recorded a total of 380,000 audience members up until now.

In marking the 20th anniversary this year, the festival Grand Prix was named as the George Lucas Award, the first award of its kind globally. There are categories and programs compiled around “music,” “environment” and “CG animation”. The winner of the festival Grand Prix is eligible to be nominated in one of the short film categories of the Academy Awards the following year.


<About Australia now>
Australia now is an exciting eight-month program hosted by the Australian Government showcasing contemporary Australia.

The program features about 40 events, which present the best of Australian innovation, lifestyle and creativity in Japan. The program will continue until November 2018.


Short film produced by Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Shakespeare in Tokyo
Written and Directed by Genevieve Clay-Smith
Cast: Gerard O’Dwyer,Shioli Kutsuna,JJ Sonny Chiba
An Australian Shakespeare fan with Down syndrome, sets off on a solo adventure to discover Tokyo in order to get away from his overbearing older brother. Along the way he uses his knowledge of the Bard, his sketchbook and his wits to win the hearts of the people he meets.

Welcome To Country / 10min / (Flickerfest 2018)
Wri/Dir: Dean Gibson | Prod: Helen Morrison
When a hotshot public servant is sent to a remote Aboriginal community to prepare for
the Prime Minister’s visit, he quickly learns the true meaning of Welcome to Country.

The Eleven O’clock / 13min / (Best Screenplay in an Australian Short Film – Flickerfest 2017)
Wri/Prod: Josh Lawson | Dir/Prod: Derin Seale | Prod: Karen Bryson
The delusional patient of a psychiatrist believes he is actually the psychiatrist. As
they each attempt to treat each other the session gets increasingly out of control.

Boggabilla Bus / 11min / (Flickerfest 2017)
Wri: Yianni Papamanolis | Dir: Mitch Kennedy | Prod: Samantha Laidlaw
Words have never come easy to eight-year-old Oscar, so saying goodbye to his
best friend Ashley before her big move was always going to be tough.

Lost Property Office / 10min / (short-listed Academy® Awards Short Animation – Flickerfest 2018)
Wri/Dir: Daniel Agdag | Prod: Liz Kearny
Ed is the sole custodian of the Lost Property Office. In many ways, he’s lost as
the items he is tasked to look after.

Fysh / 13min / (Australian Competition Finalist – Flickerfest 2018)
Wri/Dir: Billie Pleiffer | Prod: Rita Walsh
This is the story of an old man and a fish that changed his life.

Melon Grab / 10min / (Best Cinematography in an Australian Short Film – Flickerfest 2018)
Wri/Dir: Andrew Lee | Prod: Kiki Dillon, Ashlea Ritchie
Dysfunctional truth, rap & suspended youth – the final skate between two best

Dreamweaver / 11min / (Flickerfest 2018)
Wri/Dir: Myles Conti |Wri: Andrew Georgiou, Tam Morris, | Prod: Karl Conti
A young boy moves to a new neighbourhood and discovers his passion for gokarting.