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07 Jul - 06 Sep 2018

UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES / UNIQUE PROJECTS: Architecture Re-Setting the Agenda

UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES / UNIQUE PROJECTS: Architecture Re-Setting the Agenda

Les Wilson Barramundi Discovery Centre designed by Bud Brannigan Architects. David Sandison Photographer

Australia climatic extremes make it a frontline for architectural endeavours.

This exhibition at Tokyo Sky View in Roppongi offers visitors a unique “architectural journey,” traversing Australia’s extreme geological and ecological landscapes, while posing the question of how humanity can develop architecture that is environmentally responsible, resource friendly and sympathetic to context.

As one of the major Australia now events combining the country’s cutting-edge innovation, environment-friendly lifestyle, and flourishing creativity, we are proud to present this architectural exhibition titled “UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES / UNIQUE PROJECTS: Architecture Re-Setting the Agenda.”

A total of 12 Australian architecture projects will be presented in the gallery through drawings, miniature models and videos.

Bear witness to Australia’s architectural designs, including some cutting-edge models, drawings and projected images in this unique exhibition, curated by leading Australian architect Wendy Lewin.

This exhibition has been specially curated for Australia now with the support of Mori Building Co. Ltd, Chiba Institute of Technology, Tokyo University of the Arts and NHK Enterprises Inc.

The Architecture exhibition will travel to Shinkenchiku’s Aoyama House once it closes at the Sky Gallery!

Period: Thursday 30 Aug- Thursday 6 September.
Place: Aoyama House, Shinkenchiku-sha
(address)19-14, 2 chome, Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Japan

Ticket Information at the Sky Gallery:

Please purchase Tokyo City View tickets to enjoy the exhibition (7 July-26 Aug):

There will be gallery talks by Australian architects on the first day of the exhibit (7 July).

12 noon
Introduction: Wendy Lewin

12:10-1:40 pm
Ray Brown
Michael Trudgeon
Andrew Burns

2:00-3:00 pm
Brit Andresen
Bud Brannigan

3:30-4:40 pm
Alec Tzannes
John Choi
4:40-5 pm

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