09 Nov - 10 Nov 2018

Spirit 2018 / I.B.I.S

Spirit 2018 / I.B.I.S

Bangarra Dance Theatre

Jhuny-Boy Borja

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Bangarra Dance Theatre is Australia’s leading Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dance company, acclaimed worldwide for its moving performances, distinctive voice and authentic storytelling.

In the company’s fourth visit to Japan, they present I.B.I.S. and Spirit 2018, showcasing the best of Bangarra’s 30-year repertoire in a powerful celebration of culture at Saitama Arts Theatre as a highlight of Australia now Japan 2018.

I.B.I.S is a story from Murray Island in the Torres Strait, a beautiful and isolated land of laughter and sunny smiles. This joyful work explores life on the islands: a place where, despite challenges of displacement and climate change, the culture remains strong and the people optimistic.

Spirit 2018 takes audiences into a mysterious and secret space to witness nature’s sacred poetry. This powerful collection of dance stories by Artistic Director Stephen Page celebrates the spirit of the dingo, the ephemeral life of the moth, and Indigenous people’s unbroken connection to the land.

With contemporary movement forged from 60,000 years of culture, Bangarra is an unforgettable dance experience.

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Choreography: Deborah Brown, Waangenga Blanco
Music: Steve Francics
Costumes: Jennifer Irwin
Lighting design: Karen Norris

Choreography: Stephen Page
Traditional choreography and music: Djakapurra Munyarryun
Music: David Page and Steve Francis
Costumes: Jennifer Irwin
Lighting design: Nick Schlieper, Karen Norris, Joseph Mercurio, Matt Cox

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Bangarra Dance Theatre’s Spirit 2018 and I.B.I.S performances are supported by the Australian Government through the Australia-Japan Foundation of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.


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