11 Oct - 21 Oct 2018

I let my body fall into a rhythm

I let my body fall into a rhythm

Heather B. Swann

Work in progress, the artist’s studio, Hobart, Tasmania, December 2017. Photograph: Jack Swann

I let my body fall into a rhythm, an exhibition of contemporary artist Heather B. Swann will be held as part of Australia now.

In this project, Heather B. Swann develops her idea of the ‘performance tool’, a sculptural object activated by a human body.
New sculptures in wood, paper, glass and textile are pushed, pulled, carried, worn, played with, rolled on, struck, swung and caressed, in accordance with the will and the imagination of a variety of performers.

The artist here explores the idea that repeated, rhythmical actions, particularly those of physical and skilled labour, engender a psychic liberation, creating a mental space in which to identify, contemplate and explore complex and powerful emotional states.  Swann has a recent history of engagement with musical and bodily composition, choreography and performance, most notably in Nervous (2015-16, National Gallery of Australia), but also in the more recent installations Luna and Lullaby Suite (2017, Michael Bugelli Gallery and Spring1883)

I let my body fall into a rhythm continues this interest but in a manner which is fundamentally, structurally different; through a voluntary, democratic, unprescribed process, the still, mute object is re-formed and transformed by repetitive motion.
At any given moment, the gallery presentation of the work includes one or more live performance actions, some objects on display in ‘resting’ mode, and audio-visual presentations of previous engagements.

Wakana Arai
Mari Fukutome
Tsuyoshi Kondo
Anna Kuroda
Riki Takeda

Opening hours: Thursday 11 October – Sunday 21 October
12:00 – 18:00 Monday-Thursday
12:00 – 20:00 Friday and Saturday
12:00 – 17:00 Sunday

I will not remember your name workshop
13:00-15:00 Monday 15 October
13:00-15:00 Thursday 18 October

Admission: free

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