14 Jul - 02 Sep 2018

Watch, touch, and learn! Dinosaur Zoo – will there be a triceratops vs tyrannosaurus battle?

Watch, touch, and learn! Dinosaur Zoo – will there be a triceratops vs tyrannosaurus battle?

Erth Visual & Physical Inc. Production Company

Venues Nationwide

Dinosaur Zoo is a puppet show experience from Australia perfect for family enjoyment.

You will not only see real dinosaurs from your seat, but you can get up on the stage and touch them (*limited spaces), and the puppets will join you in the audience – you’ll feel like you have slipped back in time to the dinosaur ages!  All sorts of dinosaurs, from babies to giant flesh-eating beasts, will delight their audience.

Each one will be introduced by a narrator, in a manner that is easy for children to comprehend – the show will enable kids to have fun interacting with dinosaurs as they learn.  You will also see the bugs and other creatures that walked the earth so many thousands of years ago.  And to catch the ever popular triceratops in action!  He will even share the stage with the tyrannosaurus from the previous show.

Dinosaur Zoo is full of imagination and not to be missed!

Please click here for the ticket information and the Japanese tour.

14 Jul           Sun Azalea, Saitama
15 Jul           Ebina Culture Hall
16 Jul           Saitama Citizen Hall Omiya
18 Jul           Nakano Zero Hall
20 Jul          Shoken Gakuen Maebashi Hall
21 Jul           Funabashi Civic Cultural Hall
22 Jul          Machida City Civic Hall
25 Jul          Nasushiobara City Kuroiso Community Hall
28 Jul          Hirosaki City Community Hall
29 Jul          Tokyo Electron Hall
1 Aug           Tamashin Risuru Hall
2 Aug          Sun City Hall
4 Aug          Ibaraki Prefectural Culture Centre
5 Aug          Gotenba Civic Hall
8 Aug          Hanyu City Industrial and Cultural Hall
11 Aug          Mie Center for the Arts, Middle Auditorium
12 Aug         Shizuoka City Culture Hall, Middle Auditorium
13 Aug         Ichinomiya Community Hall
14 Aug         Tokai City Arts Theater
17-18 Aug   Doshin Hall
19 Aug         Obihiro Civic Cultural Hall
22 Aug         Kochi Prefectural Culture Hall
23-24 Aug  Kobe Kokusai Hall
25 Aug         Shimane Civic Center
26 Aug         Higashi Hiroshima Arts & Culture Hall Kurara
27 Aug         Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen HBG Hall
29 Aug         Matsuyama City Comprehensive Communitiy Center
1-2 Sep         Nagasaki City Hall