25 Oct - 26 Oct 2018

Australian Fintech Showcase at Fintech Japan 2018

Australian Fintech Showcase at Fintech Japan 2018

As Fintech brings more and more innovation into the Financial Services sphere, it continues to attract global attention. The Australian government has been focused on fostering and supporting the Fintech industry through the introduction of the Regulatory Sand Box (Dec 2016) and Open Banking (July 2019), which is equivalent to Open API in Japan.

To introduce Australia’s expertise in this space, five leading Fintech start-ups will showcase their unique services at Fintech Japan 2018. This event will bring people in the Fintech industry together, from Japan and all over the world, and facilitate discussion and collaboration on how best to grow the ecosystem. (Pre-registration is required. Please refer to the Fintech Japan 2018 website.)

Australian Booth

Date & Time: Thursday 25 October – Friday 26 October, 9:30 – 18:00

Venue: STARTUP BOOTH C Hall A – C-A5 & C-A6


Seminar: Australian Fintech start-ups

Date & Time: Thursday 25 October, 15.00-16.00

Venue: Breakout stage


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